Since January 2014, we have provided our outstanding service to the Cairns region, having previously established a strong client base in Cairns, and with more than 4000 clients Australia-wide and Internationally. We offer a highly professional, affordable, friendly and informative service in relation to our preparation of resumes for every profession, trade or employment situation that guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Unlike some of the other resume writers, we do NOT charge $25 or more for cover letters. We include the first 3 cover letters in the cost of preparing your resume. We do charge, however, for cover letters that address Selection Criteria or Core Capabilities, and that fee structure is listed in our Payments pages.

We would also like to add that we are not a 'resume factory.' We prepare each resume individually with care and professionalism, and certainly not from a standard template sourced from the Internet, that is not going to provide you with the results that you are paying a professional writer to prepare.


Our aim is to provide you with a professional resume that works for you, with our well documented back up service that is second to none. We provide our clients with an optional in-home service, where we come to you in person and gain the information for the preparation of your resume, and personally deliver the finished project within 48 hours, or Express Post, at our cost, if that is more convenient for the client.


What do we offer?



  • Secure on line payment
  • Draft sent for approval before resume is finalised
  • 2 hard copies of resume
  •  3 Covering Letters (Non-Government)
  • USB Flash Drive that contains your resume in both Word and PDF formats


In addition, our service can also be prepared remotely with drafts and copies sent via email for prior approval before hard copies and USBs are prepared. We will send a copy of our Check List for you to fill out, and would ask that you send a copy of your current resume if you have one prepared, to ensure we obtain all necessary information.


Once we have received the information, we will have a draft prepared and sent within 48 hours for approval.


PLEASE NOTE: These must be pre-paid using the package best suited to you on our "Payments" page.



We do NOT charge for a response to each criterion. Our fixed price covers the entire application

No fuss and no empty promises, just quality product and service.



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